Our Facility

In the heart of the city, Aeka’s Vazhuthacaud facility is optimised so as to be eco-friendly, pollutant-free, and a green, zero-effluent zone.

The lab and manufacturing unit are equipped for microbiology, biotechnology, quality control and chemical (wet lab) work. The facility, which comprises a full-fledged wet lab, basic analytical laboratory and pilot-scale biochemical production units, became operational on 1st June 2015. The lab has the facilities for undertaking projects related to biological, agri-bio, microbiological and biochemical fields, including the following equipment:

Microbiology and Biotechnology Lab

  • Sterile clean room
  • Laminar Air Flow (LAF) chamber
  • Fully-automated autoclave
  • Temperature controlled water-bath shaker
  • Double distillation unit
  • Hot air oven
  • Climate controlled cooling incubator

Analytical Lab

  • Shimadzu digital microbalance with 5-digit accuracy
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Digital pH meter

The Aeka team’s commitment to quality is reflected in the purchase of the best available equipment that meets the requirements for our laboratory and manufacturing unit. The entrepreneurs at Aeka are intent on maintaining a careful and attentive approach of starting on a small scale, and then expanding the company’s activities in a practical and strategic manner

A Platform for Skill Development and Training

Aeka also provides a platform for the skill development and training of fresh talent so as to make them industry-ready, through involvement in in-house research, as well as by offering the necessary facilities for the pursuit of course-related projects.